The selection of the teaching staff of the ReADs Programme aims to build a highly diversified, dynamic and international team in which university professors, researchers, Architects, Designers, style experts and consultants.

Teaching staff

Paolo Lucchetta
Laura Fregolent
Marco Zito
Sara Marini

The Programme’s classes are held by the Scientific Head Arch. Paolo Lucchetta, who is joined every week by professionals, external opinion leaders, authoritative personalities from different realities of Architecture, Design and Communication worldwide who hold one-day lectures about the topics addressed during the Programme and guide students in their training, offering multiple and different points of observation of the world around us, starting from their differentiated background and their professional, research and work experience, to weave a network of relationships and create new forms of interaction .

The Scientific Head, in this sense, coming from a long experience and international practice of Interior Architecture for commercial and social spaces in projects that have received numerous awards, leads the activities of the Programme in which the topics and classes have been designed with intent to transfer, communicate and apply methodologies and experiences of the best Retail companies and professionals.

The aim of the Programme is also to ensure the multidisciplinary coherence and the most authoritative connection between the students and the real world of professional issues.

In addition to the aforementioned P.Luccheta, the scientific committee is made up of professors and researchers from the Iuav University in Venice who deal with Architecture, Interior and Retail Design, Product Design, Urban Planning, Research related to urban studies, processes of urban transformation and settlement dispersion, architectural and urban composition.

The guest lecturers and the companies that have given their contribution on specific topics of Retail and Architecture in the 2018-2019 edition:

Fabrizio Lombardo,Operating Director of Librerie.Coop;
Vincenzo Casali, Architect;
Aria Behbehani, Architect, The Platform Studio;
Mariano Zanon, Architect, Zanon Architetti Associati;
Abramo Manfrotto, CEO and founder of ALU and MiND Magazine;
Luca Pavani, ALU;
Paolo Zilli, Architect, Zaha Hadid Architects;
Shay Alkalay, Designer, Raw Edges.


Filippo Marzaro, Arneg;
Gilberto Frascaroli, ITAB;
Catia Dalla Valle, ALU;
Raffaele Ferrara, SKEMA;
Mario Cappelli, INRES Coop;
Andrea Nava
Giuliana Ricci, Mutina;
Andrea Nava, ERCO;
Maurizio Torcellan, OTTART Apice.

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