Laura Fregolent

Laura Fregolent, Architect, PhD in Sciences and Methods for the city and the European territory is professor of Technique and urban planning.

She has carried out research and scientific collaboration activities in the field of urban studies with particular attention to the processes of urban transformation and settlement dispersion and to the social dynamics connected to them.

On these issues she has participated in national and international conferences and seminars and published books and essays.

Among her publications:

  • with L. Vettoretto (2017), Genesis of a fluid metropolitan space: urban metamorphoses in Venice and Veneto, in A. Balducci, V. Fedeli, F. Curci (eds.), Post-Metropolitan Territories, Routledge;
  • with R. Ewing, S. Hamidi, G. Tian, ​​D. Proffitt, S. Tonin (2017), Testing Newman and Kenworthy’s Theory of Density and Automobile Dependence, Journal of Planning Education and Research;
  • with A. Valenzuela Aguilera (ed) (2017), Casa e crisi: dinamiche finanziarie, concentrazione di capitali e mercato immobiliare, Archivio di studi urbani e regionali (all. 118/2017);
  • with S. Tonin (edited by) (2015), Growing compact, FrancoAngeli;
  • Conflitti e territorio (edited by) (2014), Franco Angeli;
  • Governare la dispersione (2005), Franco Angeli.

She is a member of the teaching faculty of the Doctorate in Territorial Planning and Public Policies of the IUAV University of Architecture in Venice.

She is co-director of the magazine Archivio di Studi Urbani e Regionali (indexed Scopus) published by FrancoAngeli.