Companies and Internship

The weekly visits to the Programme’s partner companies –leader in the creation of interior architectures, lighting, materials, surfaces, technologies– will allow students to learn what are the multiple tools available to a Retail designer.
The educational program is therefore based on a continuous integration between theoretical and practical skills, to train complete professionals able to manage the multiple factors of Retail with confidence and awareness.

The companies will host students at their offices, providing the following opportunities:
in-depth visits to production sites and dedicated seminars with the figures dealing with the design and those aspects that are of particular interest to a Retail designer; illustration of topics related to internship program planning; interviews and training activities, development of thesis projects; project briefing; presentation of developed projects and final thesis papers.

ITAB Shop concept AB

Services for international Retail


International design and supplies of refrigerated furniture and counters


Display systems for Retail


Surface covering solutions


Architecture and Interior Design


Stoneware surfaces manufacturer for private, public, social spaces


International lightfitting manufacturer


Services and logistics for fitting


Shopfitting and general contractor for international Retail

The internship in the partner companies of the Programme lasts 6 months and is the fundamental opportunity to have an experience “in the field” of what is the real professional practice, putting into practice the knowledge acquired during the first six months of lectures, exercises and visits.

For those who do not have the possibility, for reasons of time or professional commitments, to dedicate six months to the internship, there is the possibility of carrying out a“project work”.

For information about the internship see this page.
For information about the project work see this page.

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