On January 2020 will start the second edition of ReADs Postgraduate Specialisation Programme dedicated to Retail Architecture and Design for social and commercial spaces.

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The ReADs Board of teachers is made up by Architects, Designers, University Professors and researchers of the Iuav University of Architecture in Venice.

The classes are held by the Scientific Head, Arch. Paolo Lucchetta, who is joined every week by professionals, external opinion leaders, distinguished personalities from different realities in the world of Architecture, Design and Communication.

The guest teachers of the 2018-2019 edition:

Learning by doing methodology
You will have the opportunity to acquire skills, as well as through lectures, by living direct experiences, to learn by doing:

ReADs partner companies will host visits, workshops and internships.

The partner companies of the 2018-2019 edition were:

The Programme lasts one year. Six months are dedicated to classes, exercises, educational visits and lectures with international guest teachers and six months are for the internship in one of the Programme’s partner companies.

The topics addressed in the 18 weeks of the 2018-2019 edition were:

Welcome week

Introductory week to the Programme.


The importance and role of layout in a Retail project.


What is Retail and what features does a space dedicated to shopping have?

Books, booksellers, readers

Coordinates and editorial landscapes. What is the book market and how has it changed in recent years? How is a book shown and sold? What is a library today, how does it work, how is it designed? The library, today as yesterday, is first and foremost a “place”.

The places of Art

What are the characteristics of the exhibition spaces? What is the relationship between commerce and culture? How did a commercial space for art come about?

Digital, social, e-commerce

The new boundaries of Retail. How do you design commercial spaces where there is an integration with the digital world? What makes a place “instagrammable” and therefore successful? How do you design a coffee chain that is always different but always recognizable and belonging to a single brand? How do you “brand” a place in a non-trivial way? How do you design a space that welcomes many brands internally? How do you create a physical commercial space that sells your products online?

Living in workplaces

What features does a space dedicated to work have? What is the evolution of workplaces and what are the latest design trends in this field? What is a coworking space (in fact a commercial place dedicated to work)? How do you design it?


Surfaces for Retail, one of the most important tools available to a designer. How many types of surfaces does the market offer for interior design? What are they for? Which are the most suitable for certain purposes? Why are they so important? What aesthetic and technical characteristics should they have?


How do you show products in a commercial space and what is the range of possibilities available? How can practical and expressive needs be reconciled? What are some of the best display elements offered by the market and the most suitable types for different needs? What are the latest technological innovations in this area and the “secrets” of the trade to be known?

Design for Art locations

Display systems for art: typologies, technical and constructive characteristics, possibility of use.

Visit to Ventura Centrale, FuoriSalone 2019, Milan
Malling, remalling, demalling

Today, a designer must know how to design a place for trade and meeting, but even more he must be able to rethink that place when its life cycle comes to an end or, even better, to conceive a project capable of generating in that place “Urban substances”, that is, to trigger commercial and social processes that create both an economic and, above all, social (urban regeneration) benefit for the area in which that project comes to life and, therefore, for the community that lives there.

Study trip to Sweden

A study trip to visit the ITAB company – one of the major European Retail concept suppliers -, to learn about the latest technological innovations for Retail, the H&M headquarters in Stockholm, to have an overview of the concepts (H&M, H&M Home, COS, & other Stories, ARKET, A-FOUND) of the Swedish Retail giant and closely study the main achievements of the leading international Retail brands in one of the most avant-garde places in this field.

Light, the fourth dimension of Architecture

Light is absolutely one of the most important tools available to a retail designer. So how do you design the light? What technical and expressive possibilities does it offer? What are the rules to illuminate spaces in the right way and, therefore, to give the right dimension and visibility to the products that are found there?

Venice Workshop
Case studies Apple Store, Starbucks Roastery

Educational visit to two exemplary case studies in the Retail scenario for consumer technology and Food, recently opened in Milan and, in various aspects, innovative compared to other cases of the same type found in other places. A lesson on the field useful for understanding how a well-conceived Retail project goes beyond the purely design issues and, takes shape, in fact, in a “vision” that embraces certainly commercial but, above all, social, anthropological and cultural, economic issues.

Design Thinking: Shay Alkalay, Raw Edges

A lesson with one of the most interesting figures in the panorama of contemporary Design in which we talked about his projects, their genesis and the design values ​​they express.

Design for Retail

Professional opportunities
The future graduates of this Programme will be particularly interesting figures for operators in the Retail and real estate sectors, for Retail brands and Architecture firms that deal with designing social and commercial spaces.

Deadline for applications:
08 November 2019, 12:00 pm.


A certain number of scholarships are available (still to be defined for the next edition) for partial coverage (50% – 6.000,00 €) of the costs of the Programme.


A year in Venice to study a new approach to Retail 
and change the meanings of the things that surround us.

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The students of the 2018-2019 edition:

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